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Guidance for Groups Making Grant Applications


Applying for Support – Introduction

The Geraint Thomas Cycling Trust exists to make cycling accessible to young people from under-represented groups, or from less privileged circumstances (financial, geographical or otherwise). We will offer support so that these young people can have the opportunity to enjoy the spirit of cycling to participate and enjoy the many benefits that cycling can bring and to ride at the highest level of which they are capable.

To achieve its aims, the Trust will provide a grant and support programme for young people to help them address the barriers they face in accessing and progressing in cycling: either recreationally or as in cycle sport.

The trust will also work with and provide support to groups or organisations who are planning or running a project that meets the aims of the trust. To make an application for support to a group or organisation, click HERE



Who can apply?

The Trust will work with and provide support to groups or organisations who are planning or running a project that meets the aims of the Trust.


Eligibility: Applications from Groups or Organisations

  • To be eligible for support from the Trust your project must be focussed on meeting the Trust’s aims and objectives. The project must aim to be improving access to cycling as a sport or recreation to young people between the ages of 7 and 17 who, for one reason or another, face significant barriers to participating in cycling.
  • One of the Trust’s key operating principles is that it will not duplicate the activities of another organisation. Before considering an application for support from the Trust please check that other sources of funding are not available.
  • The group or organisation applying must be:
    • an official entity or body e.g. a school or
    • a sports or youth club that a) has a formal written constitution and b) ideally is affiliated to a National Governing Body or Association or
    • some other community group or organisation that has a formal written constitution.


How do we apply?

The Trust opens for rounds of applications twice a year in spring and autumn.  There will be an opening date and closing date for the application round – you need to make sure you start your application in good time to be ready to send it in before the closing date.

You need to download and complete an application form. To download an Application Form click HERE
If you have any questions about completing the form, contact the Trust:


Submitting Your Application

  • Your application must be accompanied by the following items of supporting documentation:
    • A copy of the Organisation’s Constitution
    • A copy of the Project Plan the clearly states:
      • the Aims and Objectives of the project
      • how the project meets the Aims and Objectives of the Trust
      • the planned timeline and impact: who will benefit, how many, will benefit and when will they benefit
    • A copy the project budget – including a breakdown of planned sources of income.
  • Submit the completed Application Form and Supporting Documentation to the Trust at


What Happens Next?

The Trust will contact you to confirm that they have received your application by the closing date.

  • The Trust will review your application form and supporting documentation to make sure all the information we need is included on the form. If anything in your application is missing or unclear, we will contact you to collect more information.
  • A panel appointed by the Trust will review the applications and decide whether to provide support to each applicant.
  • You will be informed by the Trust whether your application has been successful.
    The interval between the closing date for applications and you hearing form the Trust about your application will be 1 – 2 months.
  • If you are successful, we will arrange for you to meet with a representative of the Trust: to agree the goals and milestones and to sign an agreement with the Trust that describes how you and the Trust will work together for the coming year.
  • At the end of the award time there will be a requirement to complete some monitoring and evaluation paperwork for the Trust. Details will be sent to successful applicants in due course.